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Department Projects


  •  Identification of Moving Target and Tracking by Laser Aiming Pointer Which Can be Installed on Autonomous Weapon System

  •  SLAM based Autonomous Navigation of Differential Drive Mobile Robot using Laser scanner and ROS

  • Motion planning of robotics manipulation with deep reinforcement learning

Ongoing Projects:

  • Solar powered UAV with increased endurance (time) by use of TEG and solar concentrator/collectors.

  • Indoor Swarm Robot Helpers

  • Dynamic Trot-Walking with Quadruped Robot: Simulation, optimization, and its control



Here is the list of M. Tech Robotics projects completed by students in recent years.

  • Identification & locking of mobile target and tracking using laser aiming pointer to be used on autonomous weapon system.

  • Humanoid gripper mechanism.

  • SLAM based Autonomous Navigation of Differential Drive Mobile Robot using a Laser scanner and ROS.

  • Distributed object detection in Aerial Image

  • Musculoskeletal modelling and simulation of biped locomotion for assistive device

  • Vision Based Landing and Self-Charging System for Autonomous Quadrotors

  • Walking pattern generation for biped robot and its comparison

  • Speech To Text Recognition Using Deep Learning

  • Design, Construction and Analysis of a Series Elastic Actuator with Control

  • Motion planning of robotics manipulator with deep reinforcement learning.

  • Stability Control and Simulation of Biped Robot (Walking Operation)

  • Information extraction using statical model.

  • Design of actuator for autonomous assistive augmented device

  • Machine Translation of Chinese-English Using Deep Neural Networks.

  • Deep Neural Network based Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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