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Ms. Prajakta Koratkar

Miss. Prajakta Koratkar obtained an M.Tech degree in Industrial Automation and Robotics from Manipal University in 2017. Her research area is Robotics, Automation, the Internet of things, and related area. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor ( On contract) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering DIAT (DU) Pune. She is a Program Coordinator of the Robotics programme and in charge of the Robotics Laboratory. 


  • 2014. B.E, Electrical Engineering, Pune University

  • 2017. M.Tech. Industrial Automation and Robotics, Manipal University  

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • Assistant Professor, Department of  Mechatronics, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka from July, 2017 to April 2019

Research Domains:

  • Robot navigation

  • Internet of drone things

  • Automation and drive control system design Actuators and control  

  • Electric drives, actuators, Digital integrated circuits, and application

Specific Projects:

  • Identification and locking of a mobile target for an autonomous weapon system

  • SLAM based autonomous navigation system for a differential drive mobile robot

  • Deep neural-based autonomous navigation for aerial vehicle

  • Motion planning of robotics manipulator 

M.Tech. Dissertation Supervision:

  • 2017-2019:

    • Gravity based intelligent grading machine with trajectory tracking sensor network.

  • 2018-2020

    • Identification& locking of mobile target and tracking using laser aiming pointer to be used on the autonomous weapon system.

    • SLAM based Autonomous Navigation of Differential Drive Mobile Robot using a Laser scanner and ROS

    • Design, Construction, and Analysis of a Series Elastic Actuator with Control

    • Motion planning of robotics manipulator with deep reinforcement learning.

    • Information extraction using stastical model

    • Deep Neural Network based Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Research Publications:

Journal Articles:

  • Swapnil Pacharne, Prajakta Koratkar, Nirmala Dange. “Energy efficiency in Indian SME: Scope & Policy review”, International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology. Vol  5 (11) Nov 2014. pp. 10-17

  • Navlesh Gavhale, S S Patil, Prajakta Koratkar. “Motion planning of Robotic manipulator with deep reinforcement learning” International Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology. Vol 5 (6), May 2020. Pp.

Awards/Scholastic Achievements:

  • Builders association award for the first rank holder in Electrical 2011

  • GATE Scholarship for M.Tech at Manipal University

  • IAESTE International Scholarship by UPB, Colombia, S. America 2017

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