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Dr Pooja Agrawal

Dr. Pooja Agrawal

Dr. Pooja Agrawal is working as an Assistant Professor with the School of Robotics, DIAT Pune. Her research interests include Guidance, Control and Motion Planning of Autonomous Vehicles, Robot Vision, Aerial Robotics, and Visual Servoing. 

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  • 2017: Ph.D Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

  • 2008: M.S (R), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • 2004: B.E., University of Rajasthan

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • Assistant Professor,  School of Robotics.Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, India, (December 2020 – Present)

  • Senior Project Scientist, IITK Research and Technology Park Foundation, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, (February 2019 – December 2020)

  • Project Engineer, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, (December 2018 – February 2019)

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, (August 2016 – November 2018

Research Domains:

  • Guidance, Control and Motion Planning of Autonomous Vehicles

  • Robot Vision

  • Aerial Robotics

  • Visual Servoing

Research Publications:

Journal Articles:




  • P. Singh, Pooja Agrawal, H. Karki, A. Shukla, N.K. Verma and L. Behera “Vision Based Guidance and Switching Based SMC Controller: An Integrated Frame Work for Cyber Physical Control of a Mobile Robot”, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 1985-1997, 2019. (

  • R. Sharma, R.R. Nair, Pooja Agrawal, L. Behera and V. Subramanian, “Robust Hybrid Visual Servoing using Reinforcement Learning and Finite Time Adaptive FOSMC”, IEEE System Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 3467-3478, 2019


  • P. Singh, Pooja Agrawal, A. Nandanwar, L. Behera, N.K. Verma and S. Nahavandi, “Multivariable Event-Triggered Generalised Super-Twisting Controller for Safe Navigation of Non-Holonomic Mobile Robot”, IEEE System Journal, 2020

  • Pooja Agrawal, T. Sharma, and N.K. Verma, “Supervised Approach for Object Identification using Speeded Up Robust Features”, International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 165-182, 2020

  • M. Patel, S. Kahtri, J.R. Shree, A.S. Patil, Pooja Agrawal, A. Sinha, M. Dubey, R. Mittal, A.K. Agarwal, “Conceptual Design of a Body Bag for Preventing Infections and Safe Disposal of Deceased from COVID-19 Virus”, Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2020, pp. 429-435. (

  • D. Maurya, M.K. Gohil, U. Sonawane, D. Kumar, A. Awasthi, A.K. Prajapati, K. Kishnani, J. Srivastava, A. Age, R. Pol, S. Misra, D.R. Sarin, P.K. Dube, V. Dwivedi, A. Thakur, R. Srivastava, V. Shukla, R. Ranjan, R. Tiwari, A. S Patil, Pooja Agrawal; M. Dubey, A. Sinha; R. Mittal, A.K. Agarwal, “Development of Autonomous Advanced Disinfection Tunnel to Tackle External Surface Disinfection of COVID-19 Virus in Public Places”, Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2020, pp. 281-287. (


  • N.K. Verma, T. Sharma, S. Dixit, Pooja Agrawal, S. Sengupta, V. Singh, “BIDEAL: A Toolbox for Bicluster Analysis – Generation, Visualization and Validation”, SN Computer Science. Vol. 2, No. 24, 2021. (

Book Chapters:

Invited Talks:

Keynote Lecture:  2017 International Conference on Computational Intelligence: Theories, Application and Future Directions (ICCI-2017), December 6th - 8th, 2017, IIT Kanpur, India

Pooja Agrawal and L. Behera, “Smart Visual Sensors in Robotics Systems. In  Imaging Sensor Technologies and Applications, Ed by ______.  IET Book, July 2020, pp. 71-106. (DOI: 10.1049/PBCE116E_ch3)


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