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Dr. A. Kumaraswamy


Director, School of Robotics

Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering


Dean (Student Affairs)

PhD(OU), M.Tech(NITW),B.Tech (MechEngg)
  • Total Citations: 613 665

  • h-index: 10

  • i-index: 13

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  • Office Tel No.:  020-2460 4543

Dr. A.Kumaraswamy graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India, in 1992 and Masters in Design and Production Engineering, from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, in 1995. Subsequently, he has pursued Doctoral research work in the area of Static and Dynamic indentation behavior of materials for Defence Applications at Osmania University, Hyderabad, in 2008. He has authored 49 publications in reputed peer-reviewed journals and a good number of publications in various conferences. He is a Principal investigator of Four sponsored R&D projects funded by ARMREB(DRDO), R&DE(Engrs.), and DIAT(DU) in the area of Tribological studies of hydraulic seals, Impact dynamics, and high strain rate deformation behavior of materials for defence applications. He has 15 years of post-M.Tech and 13 years of post Ph.D. Teaching/Research experience. He is currently Prof & Head, Mechanical Engineering, Director, School of Robotics and Dean (Student Affairs), Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU), Pune. He has guided Six PhDs, one MS by Research, over sixty M.Tech projects, and currently guiding Five Ph.D. students.


  • 2008: Ph.D.(Solid Mechanics) – Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana

  • 1995: M.Tech (Design & Prod Engg) – NIT, Warangal, Telangana

  • 1992: B.Tech (Mech Engg) – Kakatiya University, Telangana – University 4th Rank

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • Associate Professor, DIAT (DU), Pune 2010-2014

  • Professor, DIAT (DU), Pune 2015 onwards

  • Head, Mechanical Engineering, DIAT (DU), Pune: Apr 2015 to Dec 2018

  • Head, Mechanical Engineering (2nd Tenure): 1st Jan, 2023 till date

  • Director, School of Robotics: 1st Jan, 2023 till date

  • Dean (SA), DIAT (DU), Pune: 1st Jan, 2021 till date

  • Dean (Tech), DIAT (DU), Pune, 2018

  • Chairman, Doctoral Research Committee, 2018

  • Head, Materials Management Group, DIAT (DU), Pune: Apr 2015 - Dec 2020

  • Head, Technology Management, DIAT (DU), Pune: Jan 2019 to Dec 2020

  • Controller of Examinations (CoE), DIAT (DU), Pune: Nov 2011 to Apr 2015

  • Professor & Associate Dean (R&D), SNIST, Hyderabad: 1997-2010

  • Presiding Officer (Rep of VC), for various boards constituted by VC at DIAT (DU): 2010 till date

  • Chairman for various committees constituted by VC at DIAT (DU).

  • Visiting Professor/Guest Faculty to Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), DRDL, Hyderabad: 2006-10; Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad:  2006-10; Satyam Computers learning Centre, Hyderabad: 2006-10

Research Domains:

  • Strain-rate dependent deformation Behavior of Materials for Defence Applications.

  • Nano/Micro Mechanical Behavior of Wear Resistant/Abradable Coatings, micro/ nanostructures for Defence Applications.

  • Contact Mechanics Phenomenon in reciprocating hydraulic Seals in Defence applications

  • Vibration Analysis

Teaching Interest

  • Finite Element Methods

  • Stress Analysis / Solid Mechanics

  • Mechanical Vibrations

Specific Projects:

Research Collaborations:

  • Strain-rate dependent deformation Behavior of Ti, Ni base superalloys and Armor steels for Defence Applications’ – In Collaboration with DMRL, Hyderabad, Telangana

  • ‘Contact Mechanics Phenomenon in reciprocating Hydraulic Seals for Defence applications’ In Collaboration with R&DE (Engrs.), Dighi, Pune

  • ‘Spatial distribution of preformed fragments from a Directional Fragment Generator Warhead’ In Collaboration with ARDE, Pune

  • ‘Investigation on Effect of Explosive shapes on Fragmentation and Blast performance characteristics of Warheads’ In Collaboration with ARDE, Pune

  • ‘Structural damping studies of elastomeric materials for defence applications’ In Collaboration with NMRL, Ambernath, Mumbai

  • Viscoelastic behavior of composite propellants for defence applications In Collaboration with HEMRL, Pune

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

  • Investigation of Tribological Characteristics of Reciprocating Hydraulic Seals Subjected to Shock Loading –Shankar Bhaumik (Regn No.07-51-02)

  • Indentation size effects on elasto-plastic deformation behaviour of materials for aero engine compunents – Bathini Sridharbabu (JNTU, Hyderabad)

  • Comparative Study of Effect of Strain-Rate on Plastic Flow Behavior of Armor Steel Weldments for Defence Applications – Ambuj Saxena (Regn No.F-13-52-04)

  • Studies on epoxy-based graphite and ionic liquid modified CNF composites for anti-static applications in Aviation- Manoj Tirumali (Regn No.F-12-51-01)

  • Investigation on Effect of Explosive Shapes on Fragmentation and Blast Performance Characteristics of Warheads – Pankaj K Choudha (Regn No.15-51-02)

  • Investigation on Utilization of High Energy Propellant Waste in Manufacturing of  Building Materials – Pravin Kumar Mehta (Regn No.18-51-13)

MS by Research Supervision 

  • Experimental Determination of the Buffet Boundary of a Typical Fighter Aircraft – R.V.Vaidyanathan (Regn No.10-54-05)

M.Tech Dissertation Supervision:

List of 60+ Dissertation  can be accessed DIAT (DU) Digital Library

Articles published in SCOPUS / Web of Science Index Journals
Books Chapter
Articles published in the Conference Volumes
Patent Granted/Published

Research Publications:

Editorial Book

  • V.V.Rao, Adepu Kumaraswamy, Sahil Kalra and Ambuj Saxena (Eds) Computational and Experimental Methods in Mechanical Engineering,  Springer Nature, 2021, ISBN 978-981-16-2857-3 (eBook)


Journal Articles:


In 2010

  • A. Kumaraswamy, B. Venkataraman,Effect of temperature on constraint factor of Ti–6Al–4V under static indentation conditions, Scripta Materialia,54(3)(2006),493-498.

  • A.Kumaraswamy, V.Vasudeva Rao, Effect of temperature on constraint factor of IN718 under static indentation conditions, Materials Science and Engineering-A, 527(2010) 6230-6234. doi:10.1016/j.msea.2010.06.034

In 2011

  • A.Kumaraswamy, V.Vasudeva Rao, High strain-rate flow behavior of Ti-6Al-4V from dynamic indentation experiments, Materials Science and Engineering-A, 528 (2011) 1238 1241 doi:10.1016/j.msea.2010.10.008

In 2013

  • Lokanna Hoskoti, A.Kumaraswamy, Numerical modeling of propagation of the fundamental symmetric lamb mode through a metal composite adhesive joint, Procedia Engineering, 64 (2013) 426-434. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.116

  • ·R V Vaidyanathan­­­, E Hemalatha, J V Kamesh, A Kumaraswamy, Buffet clearance of a combat aircraft using unsteady pressure measurements from a Wind Tunnel Test, Procedia Engineering, 64 (2013) 1592-1601. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.241

  • ·B.Sridharbabu, A.Kumaraswamy, B.Anjaneya Prasad, Numerical analysis of effect of friction on mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4Valloy through nanoindentation, Procedia Engineering, 64(2013)1048-1055. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.182

  • ·Shankar Bhaumik, A.Kumaraswamy, S.Guruprasad, Design & development of test rig for investigation of contact mechanics phenomena in reciprocating hydraulic seals, Procedia Engineering, 64(2013) 835-843. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.159

  • ·Lokanna Hoskoti, A.Kumaraswamy, Numerical modeling of propagation of the fundamental symmetric lamb mode through a metal composite adhesive joint, Procedia Engineering, 64 (2013) 426-434. doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.09.116

  • A.Devaraju, A. Kumar, A. Kumaraswamy,B.Kotiveerachary Effect of reinforcements (SiC & Al2O3) and rotational speed on wear and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 based surface hybrid composites produced via friction stir processing, Materials and Design, 51(2013),331-341.

  • A.Devaraju, A. Kumar, A. Kumaraswamy, B.Kotiveerachary, Wear and Mechanical properties of 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy Surface Hybrid Composites [(SiC+Gr) & (SiC+Al2O3)] Fabricated by Friction stir processing, Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2(2013), 362-369.

In 2014

  • J.Babu, Abhijit Dutta, A.Kumaraswamy, Experimental Studies on Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on Deformation Behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V using Taguchi Method, Procedia Materials Science, 6 (2014), 1121–1130. doi: 10.1016/j.mspro.2014.07.184

  • Shankar Bhaumik, SR Kumar,A.Kumaraswamy, Experimental investigation and FE modeling of contact mechanics phenomenon in reciprocating hydraulic U-seals for defence applications Applied Mechanics and materials, 592-594 (2014),1950-1954. doi:10.4028/

  • Babu, B.S., Kumaraswamy, A. & Prasad, B.A. Elasto-plastic deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V and Haynes242 alloys at nanoscale loads, International Journal of Materials Science 9(1), (2014), 39-46.

In 2015

  • Babu, B.S., Kumaraswamy, A. & Prasad, B.A. Effect of indentation size and strain rate on nanomechanical behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Trans Indian Inst Met, 68(1), 143-150 (2015).      DOI 10.1007/s12666-014-0438-z

  • Shankar Bhaumik, A.Kumaraswamy, S.Guruprasad etal. Study of effect of seal profile on tribological characteristics of reciprocating hydraulic seals, Journal of Tribology in Industry, vol.37, No.2 (2015), 264-274.

  • J.Babu, Abhijit Dutta, A.Kumaraswamy, Flow Behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V Subjected to Multi Directional Isothermal Compression, Trans Indian Inst Met, 68(2015), S105-S108. DOI 10.1007/s12666-015-0630-9

  • Shankar Bhaumik, A.Kumaraswamy, S.Guruprasad etal. Investigation of friction in rectangular Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) hydraulic rod seals for defence applications Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 29(11) (2015), 1-7. DOI 10.1007/s12206-013-0913-y

  • A.Kumaraswamy, Numerical modeling of spherical indentation to study temperature dependence of plastic flow behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, DRDO Technology Spectrum, 2015, 261-266.

In 2016

  • Babu, B.S., Kumaraswamy, A. & Prasad, B.A. Investigation of Elasto-Plastic Deformation Behavior of Haynes242 Alloy Subjected to Nanoscale Loads Through Indentation Experiments. Trans Indian Inst Met 69, 759–766 (2016). 

  • ·Shankar Bhaumik, A.Kumaraswamy, S.Guruprasad Enhancement of seal life through carbon composite backup rings under shock loading conditions in defence applications, Journal of Defence Technology, 12 (2016) 39-45.

In 2017

  • Ambuj Saxena, Akshay Rai, A.Kumaraswamy, A Numerical Approach to Investigate the Effect of Temperature on Constraint Factor of Ti Alloy Under Static Indentation Conditions, Trans Indian Inst Met (2017) 70(6):1549–1553. DOI 10.1007/s12666-016-0952-2 

  • ·A Kumaraswamy, R V Vaidyanathan­­­,J V Kamesh, E Hemalatha, Investigation of fin buffet characteristics of a developmental combat aircraft through wind tunnel experiments, Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, 69(2) (2017), 286-293.

In 2018

  • M. Tirumali, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian, A. Kumaraswamy, Nithin Kundachira Subramani & Suresha B, Fabrication, Physicochemical Characterizations and Electrical Conductivity Studies of Modified Carbon Nanofiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites: Effect of 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, 57:3(2018), 218-228.

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy, G.Madhusudhan Reddy, Vemuri Madhu, Influence of welding consumables on tensile and impact properties of multi-pass SMAW Armox 500T steel joints vis-a-vis base metal, Defence Technology, 14(3) (2018), 188-195.

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy, G.Madhusudhan Reddy, Vemuri Madhu, Microstructural characterization and high strain-rate plastic flow behavior of SMAW Armox500T steel joints from spherical indentation experiments, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 27(8) (2018), 4261-4269.

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy, G.Madhusudhan Reddy, Vemuri Madhu, Study of tribological characteristics of multi-pass SMAW Armox 500T steel joints, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 27(8) (2018),4300-4307.

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy, Vemuri Madhu, Investigation of S-D effect on plastic flow behavior of Armox500T steel, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, (2018) 40:463.

  • Saxena, A., Kumaraswamy, A. Numerical Analysis of Effect of Temperature on Ball Indentation Behaviour of Armox500T and IN718. Trans Indian Inst Met 71, 3111–3116 (2018).

  • Choudha PK, A.Kumaraswamy, Kusumkant D. Dhote, ‘Effect of shape of an explosive charge in the failure of rolled homogenous armor plate, Procedia Structural Integrity, 14 (2018), 191-198.

In 2019

  • ·Choudha PK, A.Kumaraswamy, Kusumkant D. Dhote, Parametric study of single confined fragment launch explosive device Defence Technology, 15 (2019), 179-185.

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy, Nitin Kotkunde, Kurra Suresh, Constitutive Modeling of High-Temperature Flow Stress of Armor Steel in Ballistic Applications: A Comparative Study, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, (2019) 28(10):6505–6513.

In 2020

  • Ambuj Saxena, A.Kumaraswamy and others, Experimental and computational investigation on dynamic fracture toughness (J1d) behavior of multi-pass SMA armor steel weldments, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 106 (2020), 102502,1-13.

  • Saxena, A., Kumaraswamy, A., Dwivedi, S.P. et al. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Quasi-Static (10−3 s−1) Fracture Behavior of Armor Steel. Arab J Sci Eng 45, 5623–5629 (2020).

  • Ambuj Saxena, Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Adepu Kumaraswamy, Ashish Kumar Srivastava & Nagendra Kumar Maurya (2020) Influence of SD effect on Johnson–Cook hardening constitutive material model: Numerical and experimental investigation for armor steel, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, DOI: 10.1080/15376494.2020.1765266

  • ·P. K. Mehta, A. Kumaraswamy, V. K. Saraswat, and B. Praveenkumar, ‘Study on high energy propellant waste in the processing of fired clay bricks’ Defence Science Journal, Vol. 70, No. 6, (2020), pp. 596-602.

In 2021

  • B. K. Bihari, A. Kumaraswamy and others, ‘Effect of Pressure on Mechanical Properties of Composite Propellant’ Journal of Propellants Explos. Pyrotech, Vol.46, Issue.5 (2021), 799-805.

  • Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Ambuj Saxena, A Kumaraswamy and others, ‘Synthesis and characterisation of waste SAC-and RHA-reinforced aluminium-based composite’ Green Materials, Available Online.

  • Pradeep Mulabagal, A Kumaraswamy and others ‘Numerical Investigation of Penetration Characteristics of Preformed Spherical Fragments at Hyper Velocity’ Journal of Engineering Research, Available Online (2021), 1-14

  • P. K. Mehta, A. Kumaraswamy, V. K. Saraswat, and B. Praveenkumar, ‘Effective Utilization of High Energy Propellant Waste in Manufacturing of Fired Clay Bricks to Enhance the Acoustic Properties’ Defence Science Journal, 71(5): 639-646 (2021),        DOI : 10.14429/dsj.71.17015

  • B. K. Bihari, A. Kumaraswamy, M. Jain, N. P. N. Rao, K. P. S. Murthy ‘Effect of Pressure on Mechanical Properties of Composite Propellant’ Propellants Explos. Pyrotech., 46: 799-805 (2021), DOI:10.1002/prep.202000299

  • Pradeep Mulabagal, A.Kumaraswamy, Ambuj saxena ‘Numerical Investigation of Penetration Characteristics of Preformed Spherical Fragments at Hyper Velocity’ Journal of Engineering Research  (2021)

  • Mehta PK, Kumarswamy A, Saraswat VK, Shekhar H. Brick Manufacture using Waste Rocket Propellant: Characterization and Utility, Civil Eng Res J 12(2): CERJ.MS.ID.555835 (2021). DOI: 10.19080/CERJ.2021.12.555835

In 2022

  • P.K. Mehta, A. Kumaraswamy, V.K. Saraswat, Vijayakumar Chinnadurai, B.Praveen Kumar, Prediction of material properties of propellant waste modified bricks through microstructures by Topographic independent component analysis coupled 3D Convolution neural networks, Ceramics International, 48(19), Part B,2022, Pages 28918-28926.

  • B. K. Bihari, A. Kumaraswamy and others, ‘Assessment of mechanical properties of aged composite propellant using non-destructive indentation technique in solid propellant rocket motor’ Propellants Explos. Pyrotech. 2022, 47 e202100339(1of7),47,

  • P. K. Choudha, A. Kumaraswamy ‘’

  • Dwivedi SP, Saxena A, Kumaraswamy A and Sahu R ‘Synthesis and characterisation of wasteSAC- and RHA-reinforced aluminium-based composite’, Green Materials, 10(1):23-34 (2022),

  • Mehta PK, Kumaraswamy A, Saraswat VK, Shekhar H. Manufacturing brick using waste rocket propellant: thermal insulation improvement through eco-friendly disposal. Res. Eng. Struct.Mater., 2022; 8(1): 91-99.

  • B. Sridhar Babu, A. Kumaraswamy and Kaushik Kumar, ‘Effect of Macro, Micro and Nano Loads on The Indentation Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V and Haynes 242 Alloys’ International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Vol.19, Issue 2, 9816-9822.


Book Chapters:

  • Pankaj K. Choudha, A. Kumaraswamy. “Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Multi-fragment Directional Warhead”. Lecture Notes in Springer eBook on ‘Advances in Mechanical and Materials Technology. Singapore: Springer Nature, 2022


Any Publications Submitted/Under Review:


  • ·Choudha PK, A.Kumaraswamy ‘Study of dispersion parameters of fragments from explosive launch device’ Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science: (IMechE) Part-C, Under Review.

  • Choudha PK, A.Kumaraswamy, ‘Effect of sand buried explosive charge shapes on failure of circular clamped RHA steel plate’ Journal of Damage Mechanics, Under Review.


  • Patents Granted/Published (2019-21)

    • A Composition for manufacturing a building material (Patent No.405077) -

    • Robotic gripper with over constrained linkages (201911048961) - Published

    • An Antivibration system for a Machine (202111011136) - Published

Awards/Scholastic Achievements:

  • Short listed as Member for AICTE Expert committee, 2020

  • Recipient of National Technology Day Oration award, DRDO, 2015

  • Honorary Associate member, 3D printing world Expo, Mumbai 2015

  • Listed in Who’s is Who in the World (29th edition), 2012.

  • Reviewer, Various International journals

  • 4th Rank in B.Tech, kakatiya University, Waranagal, Telanagana, 1992

  • Reviewer, International journal of Materials Science & Engg-B (Elsevier)

  • Reviewer, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (Springer)

  • Reviewer, International Journal of the Physical Sciences (Elsevier).

  • Reviewer, International journal of Materials & Design (Elsevier).

  • Reviewer, Journal of Institution of Engineers, Series-C

Government Funded Projects:

  • A Research Project on ‘Numerical Modeling of Tribological characteristics of high pressure reciprocating hydraulic seals subjected to shock loading’ funded by R&DE(Engrs), Pune. RDE/97017/FPG, N21478, Sep, 2014.(Completed)

  • Design and Development of low-cost High-velocity gas gun to investigate high strain rate deformation behavior of materials for Defence application funded by DIAT(DU), Pune.DIAT/F/Adm/Project/01, May, 2015.(Completed)

  • Numerical investigation of penetration characteristics of preformed fragments at various obliquity angles and the development of software for prediction of the spatial distribution of preformed fragments from a Directional Fragment Generator Warhead (FGW) funded by ARMREB (DRDO). ARMREB/ADMB/2015/173 (Completed)

  • Numerical Analysis on Effect of Fragment Shapes on Damage of Targets in Ballistic Applications’ funded by ARMREB (DRDO). ARMREB/ADMB/2021/246 : Ongoing


  • Important Assignments

    • Member,  RAC Interview Board for recruitment of Scientists for DRDO,2012

    • Member,  Interview Board for recruitment of JRFs for NMRL,DRDO,2012

    • Member,  Selection Committees for recruitment/Promotion of Faculties, DIAT

    • Member, Peer Review Committee, Project proposals, HEMRL & ARDE, Pune and CVRDE, Chennai.

    • Member, Lab Research Council & Design Review Committee, VRDE, Ahmednagar.

    • Chairman, Interview Board (Engg.), recruitment of Technical Non-teaching staff, 2011 at DIAT (DU),Pune.

    • Chairman, Recruitment of Non-teaching posts at DIAT (DU).

  • Faculty Development Programmes Organized

    • CEP on Advanced Finite Element Analysis-Theory and Practice during 25-29 July 2011

    • One Day workshop on ‘Nano/Micro Mechanical Characterization of coatings through Instrumented indentation’ in collaboration with Anton Paar, Switzerland on 20th Aug 2015.

    • ‘International Robotics workshop & Championship' in collaboration with Robosapiens Pvt Ltd & IIT, Delhi during 22-25th Feb, 2016.

    • 2nd National Conference on ‘Advances in Mechanical Engineering Technology’ (AMET 2016) jointly by Dept of Mech Engg, DIAT & MIT, Pune during 12 -13th Mar 2016

    • 3rd National Conference on ‘Advances in Mechanical Engineering Techniques’ (AMET 2017)  in collaboration with MIT, Pune during 16-17th Mar, 2017

    • One week 'Hands on session – Robotics’ in collaboration with NOVATECH ROBO, Benguluru during 28 Aug- 1st Sep, 2017

    • One day Workshop on ‘Advanced Robotics: Design, Development and Control’ by Dr. Felix Orlando, Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee on 5th Feb, 2018

    • 4th National Conference on ‘Advances in Mechanical Engineering Technics’ (AMET 2018) jointly by Dept of Mech Engg, DIAT & MIT, Pune during 29-30th Mar,2018

    • DRDO Robotics and Unmanned Systems Exposition (DRUSE) – Zonal level Competition- Central zone during 8-9th April, 2018

    • Two Week Customized course on ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics- Theory & Practice’ for DRDO Scientists, Jan, 2019.

    • Two Week Short Term Course on ‘Design of Fuzes/ Electronic Fuzes’ for Officers of Ordinanace Factory, NADP, Nagpur, Jul/Aug,2019.

  • Institutional Memberships

    • Fellow, Institute of Engineers (India) (No.F-1189138)

    • Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education (No.LM24076)

    • Life Member, Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM)

  • Countries visited

    • Visited  Lehigh University, Bethlehem, USA, Dec, 2013

    • Invited to visit University of Malaysia, Pahang, Jun,2015

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